Saturday, 17 December 2016

Notepad 8080 and AngularDart Update

As detailed in previous posts, I have been working on a notepad application using AngularDart. There's not been a blog post for while but it has slowly and steadily progressed.

AngularDart has had a couple of big updates since I started this and not caused any issues. So I am finding it very stable and easy to relate to Angular1. There's a lot of Angular features that I haven't used in there yet so I will continue to scour articles and samples. That said, the focus for np8080 will probably be on the end user functionality rather than the implementation technology. Adding markdown support was very easy thanks to the package on pub - the real battle was with the CSS.

I am going to continue to develop the application - I use it almost daily in the day job for notes and as a scratchpad. Feel free to raise a feature request! I am pondering making an Electron version at least for Windows.

Looks quite good on my Chromebook! Try it out at

Finally, on an unrelated note, for a limited time my Dart book is just $5 for the ebook version!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Dart SDK and Dartium 1.21.0 Chocolatey Packages for Windows

Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows similar to Linux's apt-get, based on Microsoft's Nuget tool and Powershell scripting language. It works from the command-line and from a WPF GUI interface.

You can install unmoderated versions by specifiying the install version during installation.
Chocolatey has also been updated with versions 1.21.0
Command line installation:
choco uninstall dart-sdk

choco install -y dart-sdk  -version 1.21.0
To verify you have the right version on your path.
dart --version
Dart VM version: 1.21.0 (Thu Dec 07 06:52:21 2016) on "windows_x64"

Command line installation:
choco uninstall dartium

choco install -y dartium  -version 1.21.0