Tuesday, 12 May 2015

This Week In Dart #27

The Dart on Android 'experiment' Sky continues to get coverage in the tech press. whatech.com. More coverage at TechWorm.

Joel Trottier-Hebert has an interesting two part write up on the recent Dart Developer Summit. Day One and Day Two

Speaking of the summit, the following video 'Sky: An Experiment Writing Dart for Mobile' is the most popular so far (66000+), going by YouTube views.

A document bubble up on the internet discussing Dart's Macro Language.
"You won't find it in the language specification, but Dart supports macros."
Interesting reading!

Finally the Dev channel for the Dart Editor released 1.11 with the following announcement: "We have shipped the first dev channel release of 1.11. As already announced, we are sunsetting the editor and the newly released version 1.11 does not contain the editor . Existing dev channel editor users will be updated to the stable channel 1.10.1 release, which will disable auto update."