Friday, 1 May 2015

This Week In Dart #26

Dart Developer Summit 2015

The Dart Developer Summit 2015 took place at the Googleplex and was streamed online. I only caught some of the content but some great talks and lots of news about Dart in the keynotes.

Farewell Dart Editor (Soon)

It appears it is time to bid goodbye to the venerable Dart Editor. Since the code analyzer was externalized, the editor is largely just a shell. The Dart team is putting its weight behind DartPad for beginners and the WebStorm for intermediate to professional. This is just breaking so not all details are available. Plugin support for Eclipse will continue (probably my preferred choice).

Read more on the Official Blog.

Dart 1.10.0 Released

Check out the new release notes on GitHub. This is new format seems to be rolling as there are some 1.11 details on there too. Either auto-update or go to the Downloads page.