Saturday, 9 May 2015

Chocolatey Dart Packages for Windows 1.10

Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows similar to Linux's apt-get, based on Microsoft's Nuget tool and Powershell scripting language. It works from the command-line and from a WPF GUI interface.

Recently I have recently taken over as maintainer of the Dart packages, and thanks to some timely pull requests and help from the Chocolatey community, the packages are now much more up to date. The Chocolatey moderation queue is around 2 weeks at the moment, however you can click on 'All Versions' to see the 1.10 releases.


  • Dart Editor
  • Dart Sdk
  • Dartium
  • N.B. The Dart Editor includes the SDK + Dartium.

    Command line installation:

    choco install -y DartEditor  -version 1.10.0
    choco install -y dart-sdk  -version 1.10.0
    choco install -y dartium  -version 1.10.0

    The Dart Editor package will probably be deprecated after the 1.11 release with the Editor being discontinued (officially at least).

    One other idea I am considering is a non-Chocolatey install/update script. Feedback, comments and suggestions welcome!