Sunday, 15 March 2015

This Week In Dart #23

Dart Pad (Alpha) appeared this week on the DartLang website. It lets you write and run Dart/HTML/CSS on a web page. It is impressively fast and I can see it as a very useful tool for trying things out.

The DartLang site carried some details from TC52 - which discussed 'discussed a number of additional language features for Dart - including async, tear-offs and null-aware operators'. Also launched this week is the Dart Enhancement Proposals repository - 'A DEP is a detailed, concrete proposal to change part of the core Dart platform. "Platform" usually means the Dart language itself, but DEPs may also apply to core libraries or other tools that ship with the Dart SDK'.

Google's Anders Sandholm released a set of slides titled 'Speed and programmer productivity' which reviewed Dart in 2014. As well as mentioning internal projects and external projects using, it mentions Dart being targetted for mobile apps. Very exciting news!

Finally, the Dart 'Game of Life Meme' is still going! Here's and interesting implementation by Jimmy Forrester-Fellowes.