Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dart Alive! - Part 2 : Google Using Dart

Last time, we had a look at 10 sites and companies that are using Dart. This time we take a look at Google and how they use Dart. Of course, this will only cover external sites - I (sadly) have no secret inside knowledge of what is going on in the Google-plex and. like most companies, the more interesting ideas will be kept under wraps! So we must assume that this list is actually a lot longer :-)

Google Internal Tools

Who Uses Dart gives us a little glimpse of internal use of Dart.

  • Google internal customer support tool Built with Polymer.dart.
  • Google internal tool for marketing Built with AngularDart.
  • Non-Public Websites

  • Adwords for video - Built with AngularDart, this help advertisers manage campaigns.
  • Public Websites

  • Google Express - Built with AngularDart, this app manages driver and courier logistics.
  • Google fiber - High speed internet roll out.
  • Issue Mover for GitHub
  • Dart Lang unsurprisingly Dart is written (partly) in Dart as are many tools.
  • Google Elections used Dart for an Election results application (German and Brazilian elections) but this is not currently online. Hopefully it will reappear for the UK General Election!

    Very interesting to Dart being used on high demand sites such as Election results and Google's core business of advertising.

    Next time we will take a look at notable Open Source projects written with Dart!