Monday, 23 February 2015

Dart Alive! - Part 1 : Top 10 Live Dart Websites

The most popular post on this blog by far is the 'Top 5 Live Websites Already Using The Dart Language' written all the way from 2013. This is an eternity in the world of computing, therefore it is about time for an update!

If you are arriving at this blog post a long time after it was published, check out this constantly updated list on the Dart Lang site.

The 10 chosen are a mix of a direct use of Dart or a company that uses in their products. Without further ado, let's dive in to the list - (no particular order):


Work Trail - Time tracking application with Web, iOS and Android clients. Includes a developer API and extensive reporting. Their blog often features 'behind the scenes' description of the technologies running the site including Dart.


Easy Insure - Insurance price comparison site. Quotes generation and Agent directory.


Montage Book - Montage Automagic photo book design.


Counties Power - New Zealand Power Company. Dart powered map application.


DartLab - is a mini-IDE for sharing runnable Dart applications similar to JSFiddle. Currently it compiles Dart client-side into Javascript.


fxSimulator - Trading simulator for for Forex Market. In live Beta now.


Anionu - Anionu is a cloud based security and surveillance solution.


DGLogik - Iot Solutions and data dashboards.


Soundtrap - Online collaborative music studio including recording and a community.


iFormBuilder - Cloud-connected custom form based data collection system. Focussed on mobile use.

In Part Two of this series, we will take a look at the 'Dog Food' situation - How does Google itself use Dart?