Saturday, 11 January 2014

This Week In Dart #20

TWID is back for 2014 - hope you had a good break. Due to the holidays, this is a catch-up edition so may contain some older news.

The Dart Editor and SDK on the DEV channel were updated to 1.1.0-dev.5.6. The current push is towards a 1.1 release. The numerous updates are detailed here - dart:io and server side related functionality is moving forward.

Looking further out, Bob Nystrom from Google put out a proposal 'for handling directories outside of "web" in pub build and pub serve'. A document was also shared on G+ for pub build

Notch finished his Dart Game for Ludum Dare. Have fun playing 'Last Minute Christmas Chopping' and look at the source code too.

Sticking with WebGL and gaming, check out Alphabets - 'Alphabets is a game designed for young children learning alphabets.The game supports English, Finnish and Norwegian languages'.

Hope you are planning to build something great with Dart in 2014!