Thursday, 23 January 2014

Dart 1.1 Release

Dart 1.1 was released on the 16thof January. Congratulations to the team and community! Official blog post is here.

This release came fairly soon after the 1.0 release and the emphasis has been on the speed increase of 25% in JS but also the expansion of server side Dart.

The release obtained some coverage in the tech press:

  1. Infoworld - covers the release and the usual Dart vs JS controversy.
  2. SDTimes - covered the release (and covered the article with and advert... ).
  3. Dr Dobbs - fairly detailed coverage.
  4. InfoQ - Covers 1.1 and ECMA.
  5. The Register - covers the release with some discussion of the language and details of the recent updates.

Over on the book press, Chris Strom's book Dart For Hipsters has been updated for 1.0/1.1.