Monday, 2 December 2013

Interactive Isometric Landscape Generator - Dart HTML5 Canvas

Landscape generation has always got my attention - starting with fault line graphics generation back on the 8-bit Dragon 32. That required some patience! I have spend a good deal of hobby computer time on various GFX experiments. OpenGL rather makes my non-maths brain hurt so I've settled for various pseudo 3d projections. Oddly I had never used the Isometric projection so I decided to dust down some old JS code and rewrite it in Dart with a new look.

The live demo is here and the code is on github. There's few things I would like to do to this such as add more palettes, more controls so you can sculpt the landscape to your liking.

A game would be fun to write - a little clone of Q-bert (another 8-bit favourite of mine!