Monday, 18 November 2013

This Week In Dart #17 - The 1.0 Special

Dart has reached 1.0! The announcement was made on the 14th of November at the Devoxx Conference - Dart 1.0 is here! Huge congratulations to the Dart team on this amazing milestone and to the community which fuels the ecosystem. Let the era of the fast web and productive web tools begin!

The official announcements on the DartLang site, Google Plus and the Chromium blog.

This week the Dart Editor was updated to reach version 0.8.10_r30104 and Dart SDK to version The splash screen has lost the Beta tag and now reads Dart instead of DART. The

The release made the headlines in the tech press. Here's selection of links:

The press played up the 'controversy' angle of course but it was great seeing Dart highlighted to a wider audience. Traffic on this blog has been up since Dart 1.0 and #DartLang was trending on Google Plus on the day of release.

Don't miss this Dart 1.0 interview with Lars Bak and Kasper Lund at Devoxx 2013

The Dart 1.0 release caught the attention of Minecraft creator Notch:

This week's TWID has been very 1.0 focussed - for a broader news update check out the latest Dart Weekly. Have a great week!