Friday, 8 November 2013

This Week In Dart #16

This week the Dart Editor was updated several times to reach version 0.8.10_r30104 and Dart SDK to version A range of updates to the SDK, Polymer pub build and a range of new samples including Google Maps. Here's the announcement.

The number of the week has been 1.0 - there's no date other than 'soon'. This was prompted by a call to package authors on 'to get your package ready for Dart's release' - full details here. There's a chance we will see 1.0 in 2013 or early 2014. I speculate Polymer stability (the api not the running code!) will decide this. Given the massive updates in the past few weeks, this is probably not to far away. The new samples are clearly to attract new developers especially with the highlighting on Angular on the new Welcome screen (available at any time from the Dart Editor tools menu). Documentation too is feeling more finished. There was also this commit of a new splash screen.

Chris Strom has shared some practical advice for getting a package ready for 1.0 in the post Upgrading for 1.0 (Wha?).

If you are a Mac person (and a large chunk of this blog readership is!) you may be interested in this Homebrew formula to install the Dart Editor, SDK etc. It does make me wonder if Dart needs better packaging, native packaging for 1.0 or soon after. For example a MSI for Windows Users and a Debian repository for Ubuntu. Share a comment below if you have something to share here.

That's it for now - expect the code samples on this blog to start appearing again 'soon' :-).