Sunday, 3 November 2013

This Week In Dart #15

Dart Editor version 0.8.7_r29341 and Dart SDK version were released this week. Some tidy up the libraries for JSON, Platform and a refactoring of Isolate. Various fixes and improvements to the editor's code completion. See the change log for all details.

Minecraft creator Notch caught the attention of Dart developers when he tweeted 'I'm so nervous and hyped about Minecon, I'm considering learning Dart'. I just had to revisit a certain meme...

If you have ever wanted to ask the Dart team anything, and you are going to Devoxx, your wish has come true. The Dart team are in Antwerp to host a Q & A and Buzzword bingo session. More details here.

Size matters (especially JS size) and Kevin Moore has some reflections on the progress of Dart in this blog post. Looking positive!

This keyboard is being a little temperamental so I will sign off will I still can type. Have a great week!