Friday, 22 November 2013

Countdown Timer In Polymer

After an overly long hiatus, some code is back on the blog. This was mostly due to the great advances being made in Dart making Polymer very difficult to keep up with! Also the early versions had rather chunky JS output which thankfully is now a fraction of the size and compiling to JS was awkward. Thankfully we now have 1.0 and stability!

This example is for a countdown timer implemented as a web component. The code has been through a high number iterations so perhaps could do with a little polishing. It shows off the StopWatch class as well as handling numeric text boxes and even a little animation.

Code is over on GitHub and the live demo is here. I'd like to add a few more features to this app so I can use it for real. A Chrome OS version is quite possible too.

Next sample will be a graphical HTML5 demo featuring some Isometric graphics.