Saturday, 19 October 2013

This Week In Dart #13

No update to the Dart Editor or Dart SDK this week. There was a lot of activity on the mailing list trailing upcoming updates to Polymer.dart and Dartium. The main points for Polymer.dart: size of the output JS will be dramatically reduced, initialisation has changed and main() will be going away. The next release will be very significant!

Video Discussion - iForms Autopsy and discuss of Dart, Dart Web Toolkit and Polymer:

If you are in the SF area, there is a StageXL Hands-On Codelab
"Whether you're looking to build the next Angry Birds or just find interesting ways to display your company's financial data, StageXL & Dart offer everything you need for 2D graphics or games. The StageXL library gives you access to all the best techniques & tools traditionally used by Flash™ & Starling developers"

WebGL continues to be popular with Dart. Check out this Dart/WebGL port of the Processing sketch "Untangle" over on Paul Sanderson's blog.

After all that, if you need to unwind why not play a game of EyeBurst - a Halloween inspired web game. Dart source code is available too. Some nice bat animations there!