Saturday, 12 October 2013

This Week In Dart #12

Are you ready for a Polymer.dart heavy edition of TWID? Let's go...

The Dart Editor was updated to 0.8.1_r28355 and the Dart SDK to This updated includes performance, stability and features updates. The find feature (always an important part of a text editor!) has key binding fixes. Dartium now provides a Dart REPL at all times - not just when a breakpoint is reached. Polymer.dart brought fully up to date with Polymer.js which brought some important changes and updates.

The DartLang site has an extensive tutorial - Define a Custom Element - Create a custom HTML element using Polymer. If you are looking to move onto Polymer from Web UI then stop on by Matt Butler's blog for 12 tips for porting 'Polymer Plunge'. If that isn't enough for you, check out Seth Ladd's 47 mini samples for Polymer over on GitHub.

vdrones 0.12.0 shows some impressive 3D visuals. Watch this short video then pop along to the website to fly around for yourself!

Diving down from the UI level, the core of Dart has been making advances as shown in this benchmark for Sudoku solving that was shared on G+. Prolific Dart blogger Chris Strom hit a milestone of 900 daily blogs in a row - an impressive benchmark for us other bloggers to follow!

Finally Happy Birthday Dart! Yes Dart turned 2 years old on 11 October - many happy returns.