Saturday, 3 August 2013

This Week In Dart #7

The Dart Editor and SDK was updated to version r25630. Highlights include fixes and performance improvements to code completion, analysis improvements and updated Todo.MVC sample.

Seth Ladd's presentation to JAXConf was put online. Has he ever done a presentation not including kittens! :-)

Interested in Angular and Dart? James deBoer has written a skeleton project available on GitHub. This has a wonderful 3 (yes only 3) step README to get started.

VectorShapes describes itself as 'an App Bazaar for designers, artists and developers looking for different ways to incorporate web technology into their craft'. This site was built with Dart and SVG and is well worth a look.

Kevin Moore was interviewed by InfoQ on the subject of Dart. MP3 file and transcipt are available here!

Coming up soon on the blog... there will be another digestable HTML5 demo and a look at that game I have started to convert to Dart. Have a great week coding Dart!